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Prepare for the inevitable

Experts agree that almost every organization will need to manage through a cybersecurity incident at some point, and leaders across industries rank threats to digital data and systems as a top risk. Having an effective, considered, and current incident response plan (IRP) that unites an organization’s internal functions is mission critical to managing a breach or other cybersecurity issue with minimized damage.

Nonetheless, nearly 70% of respondents to a major national survey were not confident that their plans would in fact be effective in the face of an incident. In an increasingly interconnected world and active regulatory environment, don’t let that be you.

Is your IRP ready? Our IRP Assessment draws upon the experience of our lawyers and technical professionals across the world to help you identify if and how you might need to enhance your current plan. Click below to launch the assessment questionnaire and receive a global report from Hogan Lovells.

Assess your IRP

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Understand the evolving landscape

More and more organizations are global. Knowing the latest cybersecurity-related regulation and legislation that may affect your operations is invaluable. Stay up to speed with these brief, practical summaries of cybersecurity policy, legal, and regulatory developments in key regions around the world.

Click on the regions below to read summaries from that jurisdiction.

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  • France
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • EU
  • United States
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Incident Response Checklist

Almost every organization will need to manage through a cybersecurity incident at some point. Is yours ready to respond? A written and rehearsed incident response plan enables an effective response. Use our checklist to make sure your plan includes the vital elements that can help mitigate the enterprise-wide consequences of a serious incident.

Use the checklist

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